POSTMAN PAT is in the house - Official Trailer


The stop-motion animated children’s series that came out in 1981 targeted pre-school children with a story that presented Pat Clifton’s adventures in the village of the fictional Greendale. It had a run of two seasons, 12 episodes each. The animation was produced by Woodland Animations, written by John Cunliffe and directed byIvor Wood. Somebody might have planned for postmen to take over the world one day, since the animation makes Pat Clifton a go-to guy for problem solving around the village, a regular, timeless hero. And for a touch of cuteness, his sidekick is a cat.

The new movie though still doesn’t look all that excited for grown-ups and I’m afraid kids might have to be explained about this strange job of mail delivering. To make him a bit more likeable to this new and improved audience, Pat enrolls in a competition where he dazzles everyone with his voice. His new-found popularity makes the businessmen create an army of Pats - in robot form - in order to have them take over the duties of a postman. While Pat is following the American dream of fame and fortune, the mail delivering system is changing its rhythm and losing its human touch. Pat and his cat Jess will also have to battle the robotic clones that have been created after his own appearance. The producers mention that being nice for an hour and a half wasn’t really an option, so they had to take Pat to the dark side one way or another.

There will be a few stars in the movie, like Stephen Mangan (Green Wig) who does the Pat voice and David tennant, Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) and Jim Broadbent. For the singing parts, it’s Ronan Keating of Boyzone will lend a helping hand.

The film is directed by Mike Disa after a screenplay co-written by Kim Fuller and Annika Bluhm, and the producers hope it will attract both parents and children.

Check out the new trailer below:

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