The Green Hornet New Movie Poster


There is another fantastic movie poster of a upcoming adventurer fantasy movie and seems it is another awesome poster indeed. It is The Green Hornet poster and it is the newest one of huge collection of colorfully designed movie poster which are belongs to this new and most talking movie in these days. There lots of amazing posters of this movie were released before and every poster has specific designs and a story which regarding to this movie. This is a fantastic story of two night heroes who are battle with injustice. So we can earn some clues of this awesome story by looking this poster as well.

In first looking by The Green Hornet poster there we can see a most powerful as well as speedy car entering through a wooden board and the movie poster designing team was designed it very attractable method. There we can imagine this car owns to those heroes and they mentioned one of the adventurer incident of this movie, that car was heavily damaged from bullets and there are lots of bullet marks are around the car. It has green color head lights and a symbol of a Hornet is designed in front of the car. That make very awesome look for that car indeed.

That amazing car was armed with heavy guns very well and we can see it by looking this The Green Hornet poster as well. There are two machine guns are established on the car bonnet and 2 missile launchers are in the buffer. This car is fully black and seems it is made for battle with most dangerous and also powerful enemies. In that movement they drive it through a wooden board and the board collapsed in to the small parts from that. Hope this poster can wonder you and raise your desire to watch this awesome movie as well.

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