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shelter movie

There is most horrible movie trailer in the internet which belonging to upcoming horror and thriller movie. That is Shelter Trailer and it has very strange horrible story which you never sighted. There is a man who are cursed by a devil and there he always see it and nobody can realize what he see,so he insist to do crime by that devil. He was caught by authorities and there he attend to a special place which reserved for that kind of people. That is very rare story and hope you will rally enjoin by this trailer always.

There that man was consigned to a lady physicist in this Shelter Trailer for find his early life and bring the ordinary man how ever. There she dying to collect more information about this silent man’s past life and there she has to face lots of horrible adventurers on her way. There she never give up him and she want to bring the ordinary man from his mysteries life. There his life was complicated with lots of unanswerable and mysteries incidents which she has to solve. They lock him in a room and give a telephone and they talk to him using that method.

In one scene in this Shelter Trailer the lady travels with him for find more about his life to a ruler place which is full with mysteries. That place is in a middle of a forest and that lady is a fearless woman and she is entered lots of darkness places alone. There again that man see some one looking him and he is shock by that. That woman can’t realize what she has to do. at the end of the trailer there we can see very horrible incidents about this movie and they will really excite you very well.

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